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:skull: Update :skull:

So as everyone should know by now; the summer holidays are in full swing, which means the kids are at home 24-7... Not leaving me with much time to do; well, much of anything really :XD:

But; I think with some time management I should be able to get some bits & pieces done :)

Fingers crossed anyways.

:skull: Pregnancy stuff :skull:

I've not been able to do much of anything because of this damn heat wave we've got over here...

I was actually getting really fed up with it because I couldn't manage anything without becoming light headed & even unsteady on my feet!
At one point I really didn't feel well at all; & was even considering calling Gareth home from work to possibly take me to the hospital. 
Instead I opted to try & cool myself down, so I had a bath & then took a nap in front of the fan. Woke up still feeling a bit funky; but at least I was able to function like a human being again.

I'm guessing it's just a bad mix of the heat & blood pressure (especially as my heart is having to work twice as hard at the moment anyway; & apparently the heat can make it a bit more difficult. Which also leaves me feeling really sick most days), if I didn't know when was the best time to get my fat pregnant butt to a seat to rest; as well as top myself up on ice cold drinks as often as possible, I can almost guarantee I would have collapsed on more than one occasion :/
(seriously; slushies have been a bit of a life saver for me at the moment. I've probably had more slushies these past few months then I've ever had these past few years lol)

Luckily though; the weather has been a bit more manageable these past few days, & I don't think I've ever been so happy to see rain before :XD:

Fingers crossed the weather cools down now :D

:skull: Artsy stuff? :skull:

So; I might have some work coming in... I'm not entirely sure yet.

Just something small for now; I don't particularly want to over work myself at the moment. I got pissed off because I was sitting at the living room table; trying to jot some ideas down & I came over all funny after a while ¬_¬

Really am fed up with being so useless at the moment. I can't wait till the baby is born so I can finally get to meet him, but also I should be able to get more stuff done physically (after the healing process anyways).

I really don't do 'vulnerable' very well :XD:

I know there are some people who enjoy being fussed over & getting help when they need it... But I think I'm just too stubborn for my own good sometimes (seriously; I fucking hate people fussing over me; it makes me feel so awkward).
I hated having to 'admit defeat' & accept that; currently, there are some things I just can't do... & man is it fucking annoying! 
I don't like not being able to do simple things; like housework when it's a bit hot, or being up on my feet walking around for a few hours... Or even sitting on the floor!
When we took the kids to the park & I sat on the grass; I forgot how awkward, uncomfortable & how it's generally not a good thing to do when you're pregnant :XD:

Even taking the rubbish out to the bins; I have to wait for Gareth to get home as I can't exactly lift heavy objects up past my head... AAAARGH!!!

I tell you; I can't wait for Oscar to be born. Not only will I finally get to meet him & fuss him & get his brothers involved in all the baby-related stuff. But I'll be able to crack my knuckles & get back to doing all sorts of stuff again.... Like being able to run! 
(have you ever seen a pregnant woman trying to move at a fast pace? I'll admit, it's hilarious)

Even walking at my 'usual pace', that's a big fat nope. I had to start managing my times a few months back because I had to take into account that I can't walk as fast as I normally do... Even walking up the stairs makes me get out of breath. Plus there's the general uncomfortable-ness when it comes to trying to sleep, don't even get me started on that one ¬_¬

:skull: Stop whining! What about the good stuff?! :skull:

Yeah sorry about that... I just went full on whinge-mode there didn't I? :lmao:

Well of course there's the good stuff; it's not all uncomfortable-ness & nearly falling over because of the heat :XD:

I can definitely tell he's getting a lot bigger now; because yesterday when I was relaxing, he kicked my hand that hard I actually jumped out of my seat in fright :lmao:

Plus he seems to react whenever he hears his dad's voice, which is really sweet. & it's been really fun going out & getting baby clothes... Now I'll hold my hands up & completely admit; I've been looking at a lot of stuff because of it's 'cute factor'...
....I don't do cute...
But some of these baby outfits are adorable.
I feel a bit sorry for Oscar because this time round; we're 'ok' financially... So I'm able to look at little baby outfits that I can dress him up in... & then take lots of pictures :lmao:

He'll probably hate me for it when he gets bigger :XD:

Anyways I'll stop with the pregnancy/baby chatting for now. I'd best get to sketching some stuff.

Hope all is well with you guys!

Chat laters my freaky minions :wave: 

- - - - - - - 


Remember to check out my facebonk...Uhm... I mean Facebook page

I tend to update there more than I do here (with messages and whatnot)…

Like it; or I'll break your fingers :lol:


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