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  • Mood: Big Grin
:skull: What? :skull:

I'm pregnant :lol:

____ UPDATE ____________

:skull:APRIL FOOLS :skull:

I really AM pregnant! :XD:

I deliberately waited till April 1st to say anything here because I knew people would just think it was the cliché joke.

But nope; I really am :)

Annoyingly my useless doctor didn't give me a due date; or did anything my previous doctors did to be honest ¬_¬
This guy just prescribed me some folic acid; made a hospital appointment & then sent me on my way.

I ended up being sent pillar to post as I tried to find out about midwife appointments myself; luckily a nice midwife at the hospital explained the entire situation to me which made me feel better.

Apparently they don't make your first appointment till you're about 10 weeks (I can't remember if that's what happened last time? It was quite a while ago now), & they would send through the appointment letters etc themselves so I wouldn't have to do anything. Got it all through now including the date of my first scan, my first midwife appointment is next week & my scan is at the end of the month.

& no I wont be finding out yet if it's a boy or a girl; that's not till my 6 month scan.

As far as that is concerned; Astronotus is absolutely adamant on having a girl (we have two boys), but I was adamant on having another boy.

I was apprehensive at the fact that a little girl could mean things like... Pink stuff... & princesses & dolls & other girly crap... & I have absolutely NO idea how to play/react with that stuff. What if she grew up worried about her hair & make-up & stuff? That shit is alien to me :/

But the more I thought about it; the more I realised that this is my kid. If it is a girl then she's going to be brought up with two older brothers; a gaming/horror/comic book/general geek of a mother & a dad whose nuts on cars... The chances of her turning out to be a girly-girl is very slim 

Plus neither me nor my sisters were at all girly when we were growing up; & that was with a mum who was adamant on putting us in dresses & trying to make us look girly :XD:

Gareth has already decided on a name for a girl too :/
(In fact it's the name he's always wanted to call his daughter if he had one)
He was even looking at tiny baby dresses at Mothercare :XD:

BUT, we both agreed that no matter whether it's a girl or a boy; we don't care. Having a girl would be nice; but it really doesn't matter. A healthy baby is all that matters in the end :D

Plus having another boy would be a lot easier when it comes to things like hand-me-downs & whatnot. & all we'd have to do is move the baby in with Brandon once it was big enough; if we had a girl then we'd have to completely redecorate the small room & move Kurt back in with his brother. So pro's & con's on both sides :lmao:

Oh; from the beginning I did an online 'date-check' thingy to try & figure out how far gone I am (& it seems pretty accurate so far).

According to that I'm about 9 weeks now, & the due date is November 4th... Which means all our kids birthday's will be one month after the other. Kurt's is in October; this baby could be in November; & Brandon's is in December...

We're going to be completely skint at the end of each year! :lmao:

Anyways; so far the only down side is this morning sickness. I had it incredibly bad with my first; but it was fine with my second (was literally only sick in the morning once then I'd be completely fine for the rest of the day), but this just seems to be getting worse & worse :/

Luckily this is the kids last week at school & then they're off for two & a half weeks, so they'll be able to help me out by making their own breakfast's & lunches, & I wont need to be doing school runs etc. Although after this morning I'm actually considering getting in touch with my sister & asking if she can come give me a hand with getting the kids to school & back till they finish. It was bloody horrible this morning & I just did not feel right at all.

To say I'm fed up with it now is a bit of an understatement. There's too much I should be doing; especially for this upcoming festival but I haven't been able to get anything done because of this sickness & exhaustion. Its damn frustrating & even a bit depressing at times!

Hopefully it will go once I enter my 2nd Trimester.

Anyways I've babbled enough. Going to try & get some sleep... Fed up with exhaustion too ¬_¬

Chat laters my freaky minions :wave: 

- - - - - - - 


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Like it; or I'll break your fingers :lol:


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Freakerybattery4 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
nice webcam XD
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hey, we need to sign this petition…

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Mayvi Feb 8, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
i saw your couple meme! are you and you're hubby still together?
Of course :)

Not married as of yet (too many things keep getting in the way, but we will soon) but this June we'll have been together 14 years. It's easy to remember because we started going out together in 2000 :XD:
Wolf-Light Sep 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
My boyfriend has recently came onto this site....
I was wondering, if you're not too busy, if I could hire a commission from you including the two of us?
Sure that wont be a problem; send me a note & we can have a chat about it :)
Wolf-Light Oct 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I will, once he gives me more details...
Yazura-chan Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
WOW a watch?! thank you! your work makes me giggle xD so goood!!
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